Welcome to my website. My name is Martin Scholtz and I am theoretical physicist. My primary research interest is the theory of gravitation and Einstein's general theory of relativity. On this page you will find details about my work, students will find here some study materials. This site is permanently under construction.

NP Spine: Newman-Penrose formalism, SPINors Essential package

Separate part of this web page is devoted to the NP Spine Mathematica package that I am developing. Its purpose is to simplify the calculations in general relativity in the so-called Newman-Penrose formalism. It also supports symbolic tensorial and spinorial manipulations and includes the database of exact solutions of Einstein's equations. Presently, the package is under construction.


This section is devoted to my students, primarily. At this time, I teach the subject Theoretical physics in transportation at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, the Czech Technical University in Prague. The material here varies in time, but my textbooks, Maple worksheets and some pieces of the theory can be found here always. In due time I will add more topics which will be accessible permanently.


In this section I present the results of my research, conference contributions, etc.


Here I publish the theses which I supervised, at this time bachelor and diploma theses.


My personal data.
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