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Black hole physics

Shared lecture with Norman G├╝rlebeck, University of Bremen

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Theoretical physics in transportation

These are the lectures I teach externally on the Faculty of transportation sciences, Czech Technical University in Prague. They are intended for students of IS programme (intelligent systems). Hence, the goal of the subject is to introduce some advanced methods of analysing the mathematical models (primarily traffic models). Because the complex and chaotic systems have been studied by physicists since long time ago, it is useful and iluminating first to analyse simple physical systems and gradually develop more sophisticated methods. Hence, the course covers approximately the following topics:

  • Newtonian mechanics and its Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulation
  • Phase space and its geometrical interpretation
  • Dynamical systems in general. Hamiltonian dynamical systems
  • Critical points, linearization of dynamical system, analysis of stability
  • Intelligent driver model, its analysis, implementation and various modifications
  • Theory of 2D potential inviscid flow, flow past the cylinder
  • Very brief introduction to cellular automata

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Selected topics in general relativity

Materials related to the exercises for the lecture Geometrical methods in physics.

Geometrical methods in physics

Selected topics in General Relativity - Textbook

Applied mathematics

Materials related to the exercises for the lecture Applied mathematics.

Applied mathematics


This is a fragment of my lectures on Maple. Originally, these notes were part of the course Theoretical physics in transportation. Since this course is not using Maple anymore, I moved sections related to Maple here.

Maple lectures


In this section I publish my personal notes on different topics in physics and mathematics. This section is permanently under construction and many articles here are unfinished. I appreciate any comment, especially if you find any mistake.


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