This page is a fragment of the full course Theoretical physics in transportation which is aimed at mathematical modelling in traffic. That course is now being tought in Python and therefore I moved the Maple-related part here. However, much more topics on Maple are covered in the textbook. Unfortunately, the textbook is not finished and probably will never be. Still I believe you can find something useful there.

Classical mechanics in Maple

  • Introduction (highly unfinished)
  • Mathematical introduction (highly unfinished)
  • Classical mechanics
  • Lagrange equations (derivation, Hamilton's principle, examples, implementation in Maple)
  • Hamilton equations (derivation, variational derivation, canonical transformations and Hamilton-Jacobi equation, Maple)
  • Dynamical systems
  • Introduction to fractals
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Two-dimensional potential flow
  • Appendices: Maple, Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, Numerical methods, Laplace transform

Selected topics in Maple

Exercises in Maple

Here, you can find a set of exercises in Maple. The assignment of the exercises is always in the .pdf file. This file also contains the results, but not the solutions! Sometimes, the part of the exercise is to produce the animation. Since embedding animations in pdf files is not very reliable, I decided to publish resulting animations separately, you can download them.

Lagrange's equations

Volterra-Lotka equations

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