In this section I publish my personal notes on different topics in physics and mathematics or anything else. This section is permanently under construction and many articles here are unfinished. I appreciate any comment, especially if you find any mistake.


Beside the references cited in each subsection, here are some online lectures on spinors and Clifford algebras:


My notes on Clifford algebras and spinors:

General mathematics

  1. Legendre polynomials


  1. Rotations in three dimensions

General Relativity

Quantum field theory



Material here has been inspired by several sources:


Numerical methods

Here you can find some topics related to the Python.
  1. Basic constructions in Python
  2. Simplicities: very simple introductory programs
  3. Euler method: motion of projectile in homogeneous gravitational field
  4. Runge-Kutta methods (including more clever implementation of the Euler method)

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